Fragrances - Phthalate Free

Fragrance oils are a magnificent way to tap into the most responsive sense humans possess. The sense of smell sparks memories more accurately than any other sense.  The fragrances in this category are all free of phthalates!

Please refer to the IFRA Certificates posted for specific safety rates for the fragrances in the medium you will be working inMSDS (Material Data Safety Sheet) and IFRA (International Fragrance Association) Certificates are available for every product we carry.  If you do not see a link to the information sheet you require, please email us at to request a copy and one will be sent to you.

Every single fragrance oil we carry is pure and never diluted. We test every oil in cold process soap.    Always test any fragrance oils in small batches in every application you will be using it in before making a final batch. 

It is the responsibility of YOU, the customer to ensure the safety of the finished product containing this fragrance, by conducting all necessary tests.

Most fragrances are tested and the results are noted. They are tested in soap under these conditions: In cold process soap, with no water discount at room temperature (oils & lye mixture).  Temperature and ingredients are just two elements that can change how a fragrance can behave in cold process soap.  We do not take responsibility for our test results differing from your test results. 

All of the fragrance oils we carry are formaldehyde-free!  

 We have only just begun selecting fragrance oils for you.  We will continue bringing you more. Quality is our goal, not quantity.  All products are sold by weight and not by volume.

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