French Green Clay


French Green Clay

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Sample bags contain one teaspoon.

INCI: Montmorillonite 

Appearance: Pale green

French green clay, an ancient remedy used by Egyptians, Romans and Greeks, is one of the most commonly used clay for facial masks. It is highly absorbent, deeply cleansing and gentle on the skin. Because this is a natural ingredient, the color may vary from batch to batch

None of these health benefits, nor the ideas listed, have been evaluated or approved by the FDA, should be used in place of personal judgment or medical treatment when needed, nor are they intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Customer Reviews

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Love the color and easy to use. 1st time trying clays in CP soaps...

Eden Valley Farm
Great Product!

I thought the amount of clay I received was a good value for the price I paid. I researched other vendors and they charge similar prices for clay. It was nice to work with in CP soap and resulted in a nice looking bar.

It's ok

Price vs quantity is lacking, but I'm cheep, it was really nice to work with in CP soap though

We are sorry you were not pleased with the product. Our price is very competitive with other like suppliers, but we appreciate your feedback.

Kelly Higgins

Just used this in soap today!

Rita Fetner love my mold!!!
Mica review

I have used all the samples I got they were perfect for my projects!