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Sparkle Sunshine Eco-Friendly Mica Glitter


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Sample bags contain one generous teaspoon (approx. 3-4 g).

Ready to get your gold on? You've come to the right place!

Similar to Sparkle Plenty, this incredible gold sparkle makes a golden, sparkly statement (and it’s bath bomb safe!). It’s shiny and intense, with larger flakes (particles) than Sparkle Plenty that stay suspended in liquid, making for awesome results in resin and soap.

A must for anyone who loves to add glitter and sparkle to everything they do.

General Information
Sparkle Sunshine (SDS/MSDS) Eco-Friendly Gold Mica-Based Glitter
Ingredients Fluorphlogopite, iron oxide, tin dioxide
Particle Size 200-700 µm


FDA Permitted Cosmetic Uses
External Use Yes
Eye Area Yes (use caution)
General (Including Lips) Yes
Bath Bombs & Bath Products Yes


Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
I love this glitter!!!

Just makes me so happy. Thanks Mad Micas!!


I LOVE this glitter! Such a little bit goes a long way!

Fairy Dusters

I LOVE the fairy duster pumps that my glitter came in. The glitter is so pretty and sparkles very nicely. I really love the pump though.

In love

I purchased a few diff items from this site to create a glitter body oil. I must say the process was super easy, everything arrived quickly and the glitters were phenomenal. They’re long lasting and work well with oil.

Where are my sunglasses???

This is by far the prettiest, sparkly-est, truest golden mica I have found in 5 years of soaping. I don't even mind when people in stores go, "hey you got a bit of sparkle going on there near your chin"....It's a terrific product, and even better when I know the care Mad Mica's puts into each of its product selections, so I know what I'm getting! ECO FRIENDLY!! thanks. MM's !