Champagne Premium Cream-White Mica
Champagne Mica in CP Soap


Champagne Cream-White Mica

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This is an absolutely gorgeous champagne colored shimmering mica that performs nicely in cold process soap, creating a lovely creamy ecru. In lotion or body oil, it delivers a gold shimmer that's really special.

"This mica is BREATHTAKING... If the color of angel wings could be captured in a jar, this would be IT!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!❤"
—Amber (verified)

On its own, Champagne mica's gold undertone gives a delightful warm glow when used as contouring makeup or a highlighting eye shadow.

Product Type
FDA-Permitted for External Use Yes
FDA-Permitted for Eye Area Use Yes
FDA-Permitted for General (Including Lips) Use Yes
FDA-Permitted for Bath Bombs Use Yes
Particle Size 5–25 μm
Usage Rate CP Soap 1–2 tsp. per pound of oils
Usage Rate MP Soap ¼–½ tsp per pound of M&P base
Ingredients Mica (CI 77019), titanium dioxide (CI 77891), tin oxide (CI 77861)

Additional Information:

  • Usage rates can be varied to lighten or darken hue. Listed amounts create bright colors with no colored suds.
  • To use in bath bombs or other bath products (water applications), we recommend using polysorbate 80 at a rate of approximately 2% of your total batch weight (dry and wet ingredients). This should allow the color to disperse evenly and eliminate mica from floating on the water's surface or leaving a ring of color around the tub.
  • Sample bags contain approximately one teaspoon.
  • For mica-specific information not available on this page, please consult provided data sheets.
  • Larger sizes are available. Please email for pricing and information.

Customer Reviews

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Jessica J.
Perfect Cream

Used for a cream swirl in coffee soap. It came out beautifully.

Dreamy champagne

Is it silvery?? Is it golden??? Is it creamy????? It depends on the angle! I was actually suprised by this color i didnt expect the color shift to be so dramatic or to be as vivid. This is such an elegant color, it would do so well in so many projects! If its not a staple color in your collection for cosmetics or body care products it should be! I bought this in a 1 oz jar off the rip (not even sure id like it yet lol) because i intended on adding what i didnt use to lotion but ive been making paint with my micas and i havent painted anything specifically yet but i have been testing the colors and so far they do very well in a liquidy inky watercolor (i will make pans of watercolors eventually) and an acrylic paint medium. I bought clear drying medium so i wouldnt lose the depth of the micas! I dont have a ton of experience with micas but i appriciate that MMs is ethically sourced and dedicated to the information available on their website. I also love having the fb group available to me

Steve Gunter
Rich Tone

This has such a rich, creamy tone to it! Looks great in soap and works well with lots of other colors.

My go to for creamy perfection!

This will be my staple mica for sure. It’s my go to for creamy perfection!! I absolutely adore it!

Champagne Mika powder

Champagne Mika powderThe perfect color! Comes out exactly as the color in container… My soap is cured and beautiful color! Mad Mika is my go to for my colorants as they have such a variety of colors And even after curing they look beautiful…