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True Red Pigment
Steph's Mini True Red Set
True Red Color Set
True Red Color Set
True Red Color Set
True Red Color Set
True Red Color Set


True Red Color Set

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Does Not Bleed!

Note: The True Red Set will produce a pink color, not red, if used in white MP base or combined with titanium dioxide!

If you are tired of bleeding red soap colors or mixtures, you've come to the right place. Our True Red Set is stable and will not bleed/ run/ migrate. It's perfect for the holidays and the color will stay where you put it!

"I bought the true red set because red was the color I could never achieve in my CP soaps. First time I tried it, I got a magnificent red. MM is now my go to for mica." —Andrea S. (verified)

At last: color wheel red can be attained in cold/hot process as well as melt and pour soap by mixing these three colors in equal parts before adding them to your soap mixture.

Important: Please refer to the True Red Set Instructions before using.

The True Red Set consists of three colors at a 15% discount over purchasing them individually:

Note that Brazen Hussy Neon Pigment is not FDA-approved for cosmetic use, so the True Red Set is suitable for use in SOAP ONLY.

Usage Rate:

  • CP soap: Use 2½–3 teaspoons per pound of oil.
  • MP soap: Use ¾-1 teaspoons per pound of soap base.

Additional notes:

  • Will not bleed/migrate into other colors.
  • Fragrance oils that are not clear can alter the final color.

Customer Reviews

Based on 223 reviews
Valerie Urso
truest red

The color literally was perfect red and I couldn’t find this color anywhere else! Thank uuuuu

Kym Sandvig

Love the color red i achieved with the set!! In fact I am loving all of your colors!!

Korina Leclerc
True red

FINALLY a way to get red and not just another shade of pink

True Red

Love Love Love the True Red Set From Mad Mica! Who am I kidding? I love ALL the mad mica colors!

Elsa Hung
Beautiful Red

Received my first order from madmicas. Thank you so much for the quick delivery. Beautiful colors. So excited. Got it before Christmas and immediately tried them out in soap making for friends and family. Also used the beautiful colors for my first paid customer order. Also received a freebie sample mica along with a sweet candy treat. Thank you very much to all the staff at madmicas. Have a happy and prosperous new year.