Into The Mystic Holographic Biodegradable Glitter
Into The Mystic Biodegradable Holo Glitter
Into The Mystic Biodegradable Holo Glitter in the Sun

Biodegradable Holo Glitter

Into The Mystic

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We know how fantastic holographic glitter looks, and we also know that being environmentally conscious is more important than ever. Which is why we are so happy to launch the first in a new line of biodegradable glitters: Into The Mystic.

"Into the Mystic is absolutely gorgeous! I want to use it in everything... Looks fantastic on top of soaps, adds just that little something extra." —Lisa M. (verified)

Into The Mystic is an absolutely stunning holo glitter that will rock your gypsy soul - or whatever is lucky enough to get sprinkled with it (and it's amazing sprinkled on soap!)

Van Morrison knew what to do 50 years ago (yes, Moondance came out in 1970) : "Let your soul and spirit fly into the mystic."

This is a biodegradable holographic glitter.

Into The Mystic
Data Sheet: SDS
Product Type
Biodegradable glitter
Particle Size .015 hex
Ingredients Cellulose, glycerin, water, acrylates crosspolymer, aluminum (0.02%)

Additional Information:

  • For use as decorative sparkles in resin, art projects, crafts, on soap and more.
  • Aluminum at 0.02% provides sparkle.
  • This is not recommended for use IN soap, but rather to be sprinkled ON soap since the batter may change the composition of the glitter
  • Sample bags contain approximately one teaspoon.
  • For product-specific information not available on this page, please consult provided data sheets.
  • Larger sizes are available. Please email for pricing and information.

Customer Reviews

Based on 134 reviews
Sarah C.

Absolutely love it on top of soap, my only feedback is please add what parameters are required for the product to completely biodegrade

Bobbie Beidleman

I LOVE this holo glitter. I have purchased this a few times, the next time I’m just going to get a large jar. I love adding this to the tops of my soaps it’s so pretty

Candace Fitzpatrick

Just love this on my soaps. Thank you Mad Micas!

Sue Hightower
Beautiful Sparkle

I normally do not like glitter and try to stay as far away as possible, but "Into the Mystic" was just to beautiful too pass up. I love the sparkle of all of the colors. It makes me feel like I am like I am looking out onto the ocean at sunset and the light is reflecting a million colors off of the water.

This gives a beautiful sparkle!

Wow! I absolutely love this stuff! It can really elevate a very simple soap by giving it that extra sparkle. I have to keep myself from using it on every batch!