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Dry Glitter/Mica Spray Pump


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This container pushes dry glitters or micas through a pump, spraying the dry product evenly with each pump.  Perfect for topping your creation with color or making a "pencil line" in your soap without overspreading.

These work well and consistently every time.

We've tested a number of these and they keep on going.  (You should have seen what we looked like after we sprayed each other outside!  We were going for the enchanted fairy look ;))

What is great about our pump: The swing-out side nozzle is perfect for hard to reach places.  No more maneuvering your hand to point at the hard-to-reach spots!

FOR BEST RESULTS: We recommend filling the bottle a little more than halfway so there is plenty of room to insert the pump mechanism into the dry mica or glitter without putting pressure on it.

Holds about one ounce of dry glitter or mica.  Not for use with liquids.



Customer Reviews

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Empty spray pump bottle

This bottle works perfect for putting my older floor tees that I had laying around in for a perfect dispersal!


Love the spray pump! Effect is so much smoother than shaking off a tea strainer!:)
easy to use. Best to have one for each color; hard to completely clean out.

A perfect applicator

I've been using glitters in soap classes, and these doodads significantly cut cost, since the participants can evenly apply the glitter. Thus, they have a better outcome and I save a fortune in glitter. My recommendation, buy one for each color glitter you use. They are super handy.

Instructions please!

I am new to soap making. Right now I never know what I am gonna get as far as my decorative technique. I bought a few of these because I thought they would help me with my heavy hand. I am sure this will make me sound stupid but I can’t figure how to get these things to work. I know it is operator error so a short video would have really helped me.

We are so sorry you are having trouble with the pump! Try filling the container a little more than halfway, insert top back on, then turn the nozzle sideways and spray. Please feel free to call us anytime if you ever are struggling with anything we sell! :) 561-845-0050

This is an amazing little product, I would definitely buy from you again!