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Dry Glitter/Mica Spray Pump

Dry Glitter/Mica Spray Pump

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Get This Dry Glitter Pump For Just $2

Buy a 1-ounce or larger Sparkle Me Blue (currently on sale for 30% off!) and get this Glitter Pump for just $2, a 50% discount! Savings appear automatically in cart, just add them both. Offer ends midnight PT, 12/28/22.

This container pushes dry glitters or micas through a pump, spraying the dry product evenly with each pump.  Perfect for topping your creation with color or making a "pencil line" in your soap without overspreading.

These work well and consistently every time.

We've tested a number of these and they keep on going.  (You should have seen what we looked like after we sprayed each other outside!  We were going for the enchanted fairy look ;))

What is great about our pump: The swing-out side nozzle is perfect for hard to reach places.  No more maneuvering your hand to point at the hard-to-reach spots!

FOR BEST RESULTS: We recommend filling the bottle a little more than halfway so there is plenty of room to insert the pump mechanism into the dry mica or glitter without putting pressure on it.

Holds about one ounce of dry glitter or mica.  Not for use with liquids.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
cindy t.
Mad Micas Brand New Sparkle Mica...Woohoot!!

I just love the Dry Sparkles and the Mica pump! At first I tried to fill the Mica Pump with too much Mica and it clogged up my brand new Mica Pump and i was at a loss! So, I let them know at the Mad Mica's Store and they gave me a few pointers! Number one pointer is: DO NOT FILL THE MICA PUMP TOO FULL. Of coarse, that is exactly what i had done! We got that fire all put out. Along with my 2 Mica Pumps, i had ordered some new colors and of coarse, the dry sparkles are included! I just love the subtle way the Sparkles Pop!! It is so amazing and im very glad that i purchased a jar. I was able to get my pump to spray a layer of Sparkles and that was amazing...just like i had planned it!
I love my new colors that came with my Sparkles order. Preppy blue, which is a nice slide over from The ultra Marine Blue which i love, love, love is wonderful to work with....i love my blue colors!! And my Oxide Red's are solid and not to be bossed around by the lighter Mica types of Rose, Pink and a subtle Rose color! All in all, I am a happy soaper that simply loves to order and/or deal with Mad Mica's and the employee's that make the store what it is..Gotta love how personal it is to get a Swedish Fish and a brand new color sample along with an acknowledgement of my name and that they appreciate my business. This day and age...this type of behavior is priceless!! Love you guys at Mad Mica''s!!

Annette Wiggins-Bey
Dry Glitter/ Mica Spray Pump

I'm going to enjoy using this on my foot balms.

Elizabeth Padilla

Very useful fot the glitters

Mirta Barreto

Super practico me ayuda a terminar mis jabones mas rapido.

Beth Dahms
You need this

Just love this! Works great, and I use them for blending my favorite sparkle combos.