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Bath Bomb-Safe Fairy Duster Set

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"Fairy Duster Set We absolutely love these! Makes putting glitter on soaps so much easier!! My daughter loves spraying them on her soaps. Was definite;y worth every penny!"
-- Wendy K. (verified)

Fairy Dusters are dry glitter pumps pre-filled with your favorite sparkles and glitters. They deliver a glorious shimmer to whatever you are working on, without the hassle and time suck of having to fill the glitter pumps yourself.

Simply swing the locking spray nozzle to the side, aim, and shoot the glitter onto your project. Very simple to use, and refillable with additional glitter. Our glitters and dry glitter pumps are great individually, but together they make it easier than ever to get your sparkle on!

This collection includes the following six bath bomb-safe Fairy Dusters, (1/2 ounce of product in each) at a savings of 15%!

  1. Sparkle Plenty
  2. Sparkle Sunshine
  3. Sparkle Me Aqua
  4. Sparkle Me Blue
  5. Sparkle Me Gold
  6. Sparkle Me Red
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 90 reviews
    Cynthia Phipps
    It’s so sparkly!

    What a fabulous kit! The sprayers were definitely designed for an extreme user friendly experience! The mica is amazing

    Soap Shop
    Ummm HECK YES!

    Listen, this promo email showing the fairy duster set showed up in my email. I'm not usually a sucker for season promos BUT I had just run out of my other glitter. I took a chance and bought this set. I LOVE IT! I had been using a tea strainer to 'sprinkle' my other glitter on the soap tops and these little pumps are a dream come true. I get an even dusting of light glitter and no weird clumps or glitter build up. Can't believe I didn't buy these before. I will now be paying more attention to seasonal promotions!

    Jenna Snyder
    Beautiful glitter duster!

    The fairy duster is so easy to use and the glitter dust is ON POINT! I use them for bath bombs and for these babies, you won't find anything better!

    Diane Holt
    Great duster

    Worked well!

    Evelyn Rodriguez
    Awesome Micas and Fairy Dusters...

    I recently ordered some micas to make soap and I am very Happy to say that the colors did not disappoint me. They are vibrant and BEAUTIFUL!!! I added Fairy Dusters (Sparkle Me Gold) and my husband was like "WOW that looks really, really nice. I will continue to purchase my micas from madmicas.