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Cotton Bags


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Thick unbleached cotton bag with drawstring.  These are great for giving gifts, giving favors, traveling with makeup or jewelry, money, or for stamping with your OWN stamp and using the bags as your soap packaging! There are a million uses for them.  We are sure you have great ideas.

These bags are not the thin, cheap bags some use. These are substantial 100% natural, unbleached cotton favor bags. They are durable and come with two drawstrings on either side. The bags are almost 4 x 6 inches, however the long end measures at 5.75 inches).  Many cotton favor bags on the market are extremely thin and are sold as "parts bags" with two strings on one side and it is practically see-through.  These are made of lovely unbleached cotton and the drawstrings are nice and meaty, and are pulled from both sides.


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