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Color Shock Neon Pigment Collection


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Wow, we have some gorgeous colorful neon pigments you are going to love!

This is our collection of our neon / fluorescent pigments we offer! It is filled with all of our very brightest pigments and they are all cold process soap stable. As colorful as a bowl of skittles or the game Candy Crush! 

Sampler colors are packaged in bags; each contains one generous teaspoon (approx. 3-4 g).

All are CP Soap Stable.

The Color Shock Neon Pigment Collection consists of NINE COLORFUL PIGMENTS.

**Important** Approved for use in soaps only.These colors are not for use in cosmetics.

The colors in this pigment collection are:

  1. Blue Shocker (shocking blue)
  2. Brazen Hussy (red-orange)
  3. Cheesy Poof (shocking orange)
  4. Grape Ape  (shocking purple)
  5. Pretty Kitty (shocking pink)
  6. Radioactive (formerly neon green)
  7. Flotation Device (formerly neon orange)
  8. Tickled Pink (formerly neon pink)
  9. Tennis Ball Breaker (shocking yellow-green)

For ingredients and information on each pigment, please navigate to the individual product pages.

Customer Reviews

Based on 108 reviews
Super vibrant

These came out a lot more vibrant than I thought. I used only 2/3 of the recommended dispersion rates and these still came out bright and colorful.

Amazing payout

A little goes a long way! They are so vivid and amazing I can't wait to buy the bigger sizes of this collection!!

OMG, they are really NEON in CP soap!

I ordered the Neon Pigment Collection on a whim and I'm so happy I did! In this recipe I used Tennis Ball Breaker (love the name), Pretty Kitty (pink), and Radioactive (green). I stick blended the colors directly into my emulsified base and they mixed beautifully. Everything I did with this batch was for testing - new colors, new swirl technique, new mold, new FO, and tried using a heating pad for gelling. I'm not sure I even needed the heating pad because the colors in the bag were the same as the colors mixed into the batter and the same in the finished soap. The only downside is I have six more colors to try so I need to come up with more design ideas!

Great micas

The best micas I’ve used in my soap making , very vibrant and opaque

Definitely neon!

These micas are so bright and fun! They even pop on black and glow a little in black light! Highly recommend!