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Brilliant Micas Collection


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Here is THE collection of our most vibrant colors!  If you haven't tried our colors and you want to try a few of the bright ones, this is a perfect collection for you.  It is a rainbow!!

Sampler colors are packaged in bags; each contains one generous teaspoon (approx. 3-4 g).


The Brilliant Collection consists of SEVEN COLORFUL MICAS.  

  1. Bright Yellow Raincoat
  2. Peacock
  3. Pow! Pow! Purple
  4. The Maniacal Pea
  5. Tangerine Dream
  6. Twilight
  7. Voodoo

Save by purchasing this as a collection!!

Usage rates in Cold Process soap: 1-2 tsp. per pound of oils.

Usage rates in Melt & Pour soap: 1/4-1/2 tsp per pound of M&P base.

For ingredients and information on each mica including safety applications, please navigate to the individual product pages. Color is greatly affected by the types of oils used in your recipe.



Customer Reviews

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Brilliant Collection!

I've used the Mean Greens & the Think Pink Micas, and now the Brilliant Collection. After using the Bright Yellow Raincoat; Peacock & Twilight, I could see why these micas are considered in the Brilliant Collection, because Mad Micas is BRILLIANT!!! Each colorant in this sampler are absolutely gorgeous vibrant colors, beautiful in the package and amazing in the final product! If you are unsure of which sample to get, take my advice, choose this one, you won't be disappointed. Another reason to go with Mad Micas as I said in my last review for Mean Greens & Think Pink is that Mad Mica has the BEST Mica's out there! I've used premium micas in the past, but unfortunately, it doesn't compare to Mad Micas! Each micas all appear to be of pure premium quality colorant. The packaging is what really caught my attention, each package was sealed very nicely inside another bag (no loose or messy powder at all.) Each packet was in a sturdy plastic bag; the labeling was very clear and what I love the most is that each little packet sampler not only was it labeled with the ingredients, but there was a label of the FDA permission of uses. Which to me was extremely helpful when I'm in the middle of making soap, it was clear to me that it was safe to use on eyes, lips etc. To me, this is the way to do business. Just because you hand out samples, doesn't mean you shouldn't label your ingredients... KUDOS to you Mad Micas!!! I used to BB's micas but not anymore!!! Mad Micas is my go to & You've Truly Earned My Business!!

Great color

I am new to soaping and the colors are so vibrant and easy to work with. Voodoo is my favorite and will be getting a bigger jar. Can't wait to get more colors so I can play some more.


Perfect colors to have a good base to build off of! I’ll definitely always keep this collection in my arsenal!


The colors are so vibrant and holds very well


Me encanto sus colores, son perfectos realmente brillantes. Y no emigran ni se ponen opaco con el ph alto de ColdProcess soap. Thanks, pronto compraré más.