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Elephant In A Tuxedo

Black, Grey & White Collection

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Formal. Classy. Downright monochromatic!! We have created this black, grey and white collection that isn't just comprised of mica, but includes 2 pigments for your black and white creations.

Sampler colors are packaged in bags; each contains one generous teaspoon (approx. 3-4 g).

 All colors are CP Soap Stable.

Included in this collection: 

  1. Black Iron Oxide
  2. Black Oyster Mica
  3. Here Comes the Bride Mica
  4. Macy Gray Mica
  5. Phyllis Diller Mica
  6. Satin Grey Pillowcase Mica
  7. Snow White Mica
  8. Steel Works Mica
  9. Titanium Dioxide Pigment
  10. Vanna White Mica
  11. Wicked Black Mica