Full Monty CP-Stable Mica Collection
The Full Monty Collection

Every Soap-Stable Mica We've Got

The Full Monty Collection

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Important: The Full Monty in 1 ounce jars may require a few days of additional processing time before it ships.

This is it. This is the set everyone needs. Every one of our current soap-stable micas in one fantastic set. This includes all of our our hugely popular mica-based glitters, too.

That's right, 76 amazing colors to play with in one ginormous set, and it's priced at a healthy discount over purchasing them individually.

Can't decide what colors are best for your soap? Don't know what will look awesome in your resin? Baffled trying to decide which micas will become your go-to colorants? This set will get you sorted right out.

The Full Monty does not include neons (which are available in our handy Color Shock collection), standard glitters, or additives.

Customer Reviews

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Awesome collection

This is a great collection to find the perfect color. Sadly, I love them all!

Can't stop staring

Since I find choosing a mica hust based on imagines on a screen rather difficult, I bought the Full Monty so I can see what the colours look like in real life. I'm happy with that decision and have already decided which colours I will eventually buy next. For the moment as a hobby soap maker I'm set for quite a few soaps before I will buy more though :) I have sorted and resorted the colours but I keep on staring at them. There are so many pretty colours. Can't wait to use them.

Every Color Imaginable!!!

I love this set! It has pretty much every color you could possibly want. It's a great way to find out exactly what colors are your favorite before you commit to larger quantities.

Awesome colors

Its so many to choose from. I'm a newbie soaper so I'm still learning the behaviors of the micas in cold process soap. But I love the colors, most definitely will buy more.

The Full Monty is amazing!

The Full Monty Collection is totally worth buying. I've added some of these to my "favorite" list. There's a few colors I personally didn't like but they "Wowed" me in my CP soap. They were added to my favorite list.