Full Monty CP-Stable Mica Collection
The Full Monty Collection

Every Soap-Stable Mica We've Got

The Full Monty Collection

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Important: Due to extremely high demand, The Full Monty inventory disappears quickly. Please keep your eyes peeled for the next drop, announced on our social media platforms.

This is it. This is the set everyone needs. Every one of our micas in one fantastic set. This includes all of our our hugely popular mica-based glitters, too.

That's right, 76 amazing colors to play with in one ginormous set, and it's priced at a healthy discount over purchasing them individually.

Can't decide what colors are best? Don't know what will look awesome? Baffled trying to decide which micas will become your go-to colorants? This set will get you sorted right out.

The Full Monty does not include neons (which are available in our handy Color Shock collection), standard glitters, or additives.

Customer Reviews

Based on 90 reviews
Diana McMullen
I’m in heaven….

I’m merrily working my way through the Full Monty and making a list of the ones I love so I can order larger sizes. The colors are so bright and dreamy.

Heather Fielder
I can't wait to use this product

I have been anxiously waiting for the Full Monty to be back in stock, finally got it and I can't wait to start using this product once my laser machine comes in!!!

Amber H.
Great collection

Love the sample bags!

Inca Princesa
I felt like Dorothy

I felt like I was “over the rainbow” when I got this package. I ended up ordering the 1 oz jars when they were in stock. If there are colors you don’t like, you can always mix and match them. I personally love them all!!

Amazing find

I got the sample bags first and made basically a color wall for samples of the colors, now being able to buy the 1oz jars will be a major help 10/10 will recommend