Full Monty CP-Stable Mica Collection
The Full Monty Collection

Every Soap-Stable Mica We've Got

The Full Monty Collection

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Important: Due to extremely high demand, The Full Monty inventory disappears quickly. Please keep your eyes peeled for the next drop, announced on our social media platforms.

This is it. This is the set everyone needs. Every one of our micas in one fantastic set. This includes all of our our hugely popular mica-based glitters, too.

That's right, 76 amazing colors to play with in one ginormous set, and it's priced at a healthy discount over purchasing them individually.

Can't decide what colors are best? Don't know what will look awesome? Baffled trying to decide which micas will become your go-to colorants? This set will get you sorted right out.

The Full Monty does not include neons (which are available in our handy Color Shock collection), standard glitters, or additives.

Customer Reviews

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joanne hamill
OH my Golly Miss Molly

I can not tell you how exciting it was to get out package, the attention to detail with packaging and the hand written note are such a nice personal touch. We ordered the Full Monty and a few other things as we felt that this was the best way to have eye on each color before making the leap into larger tub. The shipping was so fast too!. When it came, it was like winning the mica lottery! It might take us a while to get through them all, but we are already reordering our favs! Thank you Mad MIca.

William Merritt
Couldn't decide so the full monty was for me!!

I'm just starting my soap making journey. After months of testing dozen of recipes I was ready for color's. I couldn't decide between Haralds purple crayon or pow pow purple or Grape Nehi or any of the other great names. So I ordered the full monty and have not regretted it.
While it's a little pricey it was worth the money, and now I have test samples of all their micas using my recipe. Don't forget to get the neons! They are not included in this sample. Maybe they should change the name to half Monty :)

Amazing selection

The colors are so vibrant and beautiful! This is an amazing variety of colors. I can't wait to use them in my soap.

Can’t make up your mind? Me either!

Instead of worrying about picking the wrong colors, it was nice to have a sample of each color! Now I don’t feel that I’m choosing the wrong colors for the larger jars since it is a big investment. I’m playing with colors that I never would have used!

Jennifer Potter
The full monty!

Monty! So many colors to choose from!! I love having the options but sometimes wish the colors came out brighter like the neon colors.....but other than that I love them n will be ordering here again but think I'm covered on most colors I just have to replace the colors as I use them!