Alkanet Root Powder

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INCI: Alkanna tinctoria root powder

A natural botanical powder ready for infusion in oil. Alkanet root powder is a great way to naturally color your products!  Powdered alkanet root can be used as a soap dye and will color a red/blue/purple-ish depending on the pH of the soap or product you are putting it in. 

We found the best way to extract color from the root powder is to infuse in oil.  If you put alkanet root powder in a sealed tea bag or cheesecloth bag and soak in warmed olive oil or any oil of your choice for a few days, a beautiful color can be achieved.

SOAP: In soap, Alkanet root will yield shades of pink, blue, and purple, depending upon the amount used, types of oil used, and the alkalinity of the soap.

MSDS Alkanet Root

Shelf life:  2 years



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