Activated Coconut Charcoal Powder ~ PH Neutral

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This activated charcoal is different than regular ol' activated charcoal.  This is the good stuff.  Premium grade, food grade, steam activated, acid-washed charcoal made from coconut shell. Acid washed specifically to purify every grain.  Unlike regular activated charcoal, this charcoal is PH NEUTRAL, and won't change the PH in any of your products!

For thousands of years, doctors have been using charcoal internally to absorb poisons for people who have ingested toxins.  Activated charcoal binds to various chemicals, inhibiting their absorption and rendering them harmless.  But its functions are not limited to internal use only.  Because of its effectiveness, many topical skin products use activated charcoal to treat a multitude of irritations. 

It can be added to soaps, facial masks, scrubs, ointments, poultices....the list is endless. Because charcoal absorbs toxins, it is often used as an additive in facial applications.

MSDS Activated Charcoal


Soap Notes:

Mixes easily in water.

Cold process:  Use 1 Tablespoon per lb. of oil.  This will create a nice deep black without discoloring the lather. Add the activated charcoal to your batch at the beginning of trace. A little goes a LONG way.

Melt & Pour:  Use 2-3 teaspoons per lb. of soap base.

Packaged in a recyclable, reusable jar for a no-mess, no-waste experience.

5 lb. product comes in a resealable bag. 


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