Batch Certified Color Additives

We are pleased to announce that we have received Color Additive Certification for all aluminum lakes listed in this section.  These colors can be used to color bath bombs, bath fizzies, bubble bars and bath salts.

Each color will be sent to you with a Certificate Of Analysis that will contain the Lot Number and Batch Number issued by the FDA for each batch.  Each batch has been certified with a dye load specific to each batch (color).  We are transparent about the dye load.  This is an important thing to require of your supplier.  A low dye load can be very cheap, so if you are finding these for much cheaper, demand the dye load that the batch has been certified for.  A lower the due load, the less concentrated it is.

The differences between Dyes and Lakes:

DYE is a chemical that exhibits coloring power when dissolved. Dyes are water soluble, and will not mix with oils.

 An ALUMINUM LAKE is an insoluble material that tints by dispersion. Lakes are produced from the FD&C Dyes and are oil dispersible and can be mixed with oils and fats. 

Lakes are produced in specific concentrations of the Dye used. Most are available in Low Dye (10-17% pure dye) and High Dye (36-42% pure dye).