Snow White Mica

$ 3.00

Snow White was the fairest of them all.... It is absolutely true.  This is the whitest white we have and has the most matte finish of all the colorants, too.  She is superfine in looks and in feel.  If you love our Mad Oils Vanna White - push it over to the "cream whites", because this takes the "true bright whites"!


Ingredients: Fluorphogopite (12003-38-2), Titanium Oxide (13463-67-7)

Particle size:  < 15 μm

Cosmetic Grade.  FDA Approved for: Eyes, Lips and Face.


Soap Notes:

Worked great in soap!  No morphing!!  This is an easy form of lightening your products without clumps!! 

This is a great replacement for a whitener (titanium dioxide) because it is much easier to use!

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