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Micas for Soap and Cosmetics

At Mad Micas, we offer the highest quality premium micas available anywhere. When using our colors, please read the safety applications for each product before purchasing. 

ALL of our micas (except our new, smaller sample sizes) are packaged in JARS. Please keep in mind that the oils you use can greatly affect the color results, so if you are using a greenish olive oil, this will change the results that we have depicted in the photographs.

   Neon Pigments for Cosmetics and Soaps Soap Stable Micas and Colorants

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True Red Color Set
Twilight Blue Mica
Key West Blue Mica
Silverfin Blue Mica
Preppy Blue Mica
Aphrodite Blue Mica
Blue Tide Blue Mica
Tahitian Teal Mica