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True Red Color Set


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If you are tired of bleeding red soap colors or mixtures, you've come to the right place. Our set is stable and will not bleed/ run/ migrate.  It's perfect for the holidays and the color will stay where you put it! It is terribly heartbreaking to make a beautiful soap, only to realize within a few days, weeks or sometimes months, the red will bleed into the whites, causing your soaps to have a compromised look when you worked so hard to achieve the design you made. Mad Micas True Red will not bleed.

We have tested and tested combinations of a true red color in soap in countless batches of soap, and we have finally found the perfect combination for you.

Red, really red, can be attained in cold/hot process soap, and melt and pour soap easily by mixing these three colors in EQUAL PARTS before adding them in your soap mixture (read the tutorial here).

Included in this set are three colors:

Brazen Hussy Neon Pigment is for soap only, so if you are purchasing this set and using these colors in a blend, the safety applications are regulated for SOAP ONLY.

Purchasing these as a set gives you a discount!

Instructions/usage:  Go read the tutorial for multiple ways to achieve this red!

To get a true red, we suggest a higher concentration of color than the typical usage rate for other micas/pigments. 

CP soap:   Use 2 1/2 - 3 teaspoons per pound of oil.

MP soap: Use 1-2 tsp per pound of soap base.

Mix very well.  The pigment takes more to mix fully in oil than micas do.  Make sure all specks are incorporated before incorporating into your soap.  Let stand for a bit to let the pigment and micas "marry".  We like to mix these first in oil before starting our soap making steps (weighing oils, fragrance, heating oils, etc...) then mixing one last time before adding them to the batch.  It may not look like red before you disperse in oil, but it will once it is dissolved and once in your soap.  Happy soaping!


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