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The Maniacal Pea Green Mica


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Sample bags contain one generous teaspoon (approx. 3-4 g).

Easily irritated, this petulant little pea is prone to rages and inappropriate outbursts. Pushed over the edge by the vegetable/legume controversy, feeling displaced and un-categorized, this angry little starch just snapped.

So go ahead and look. Just try not to look him in the eye. Whatever you do, you don't want to set him off! 

General Information
The Maniacal Pea (SDS/MSDS) Green Mica
Ingredients Mica (CI 77019), titanium dioxide (CI 77891), chromium oxide green (CI 77288)
Solubility Disperses in oil
Particle Size 10-60 µm


FDA Permitted Cosmetic Uses
External Use Yes
Eye Area Yes
General (Including Lips) No
Bath Bombs  No


Soap Notes

Usage rates in Cold Process soap: 1-2 tsp. per pound of oils.

Usage rates in Melt & Pour soap: 1/4-1/2 tsp per pound of M&P base.

Adjust these calculations to lighten or darken your desired hue. These amounts create bright colors with no colored suds.

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Great color!

Great color, perfect for my rainbow soap and so easy to use!

Love it

The perfect cactus green I was looking for!

Great Product!!

Worked great in my lime/activated charcoal CP soaps (in fact, all of my micas from Mad Micas were AMAZING)!! Repeat customer in the bag!

The Maniacal Pea

first time using this mica today. it's very pretty. can't wait to cut!

A go to green

As I design my spring soap line i again find myself reaching for this green. I looks so pretty when swirled with other pastels. I also like it swirled with Twilight & Champagne. for a more unique color combo. Mad Micas blend well, no need for me to premix with oils. I add the mica to my soap batter after splitting off the portions to be colored once the batter reaches emulsion and before adding the fragrance. Blending with a small whisk is all that is needed to get the mica completely incorporated