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Steampunk Collection


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Steampunk is a unique style that originated in sci fi literature.  The style incorporates science fiction, fantasy, Victorian style that often features gears, mechanical workings, ornate engravings and steam-powered machinery.

This collection features eight micas and one of our favorite glitters to help inspire you so you can tap into the steampunk in you.

Sampler include one generous teaspoon per color and are packaged in bags.


  1. Grace Jones Electric Glitter (1/2 oz)
  2. Goldfinger Mica (1 oz)
  3. Magic Beans Mica (1 oz)
  4. Metallica Mica (1 oz)
  5. Poppycock Mica (1 oz)
  6. Redrum Mica (1 oz)
  7. Satin Penny Mica (1 oz)
  8. Steel Works Mica (1 oz)
  9. Tall Dark & Handsome Mica (1 oz)

Please see individual product pages for additional information or see MSDS page for colors.

    All micas are soap stable. You save money buying this as a set!  Color is greatly affected by the types of oils used in your recipe.

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