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What Are FD&C Dyes And Lakes (and how do they differ)?

Note: ALL of Mad Mica's dyes and lakes are FDA batch-certified. Color mixtures, though not individually batch certified, are created by combining batch-certified colors.

DYE is a chemical that exhibits coloring power when dissolved. Dyes are water soluble, and will not mix with oils.  When making bath bombs with dyes, you do not need polysorbate 80 in your recipe; the dye will properly disperse and color the water on its own.

An ALUMINUM LAKE is an insoluble material that tints by dispersion. Lakes are produced from the FD&C dyes, are oil-dispersible, and can be mixed with oils and fats.

When you use a lake (or a mica, for that matter) in a bath bomb, you must use polysorbate 80 to prevent the powder from floating to the surface of the tub water. Polysorbate 80 will allow the color to properly disperse and be evenly distributed.

Lakes are produced in specific concentrations of the dye used. Most are available in low dye (10-17% pure dye) and high dye (36-42% pure dye) varieties. Please see individual product pages for specific dye loads.

DYES AND LAKES are both used for multiple applications, including bath bombs.  We have just created a collection of products specifically for the Bath Bomb maker so that it is easy to find all body-safe bath bomb supplies in one place.