The Perfect Red (True Red Set) October 24 2017

The following article was written by one of our customers who is always testing for us, Nikki Cicerone.  You can read her testimony along with her tips on how to achieve the best red out there!


Last year my one goal for my business was to find the “perfect” red. One that didn’t have too much of a pink/red shade or looked more orange/red shade. A red that fit the colors of a vampire for Halloween or Santa for Christmas and of course we can’t forget Valentines as well as the 4th of July. That is a lot to live up to for a particular color. So one day in my Bubble Lab I mixed 2 different red shades from Mad Micas. It was Spicy Tomato & Voodoo. (ok Voodoo is more a darker pink than red) It was a lovely shade of red and I was happy with it. A few weeks later for some reason I reached for the Brazen Hussy color instead of Voodoo and mixed that with Spicy Tomato. After I realized my mistake I quickly grabbed the Voodoo. I sighed and thought I would just make a soap for my kids. I was making a melt and pour soap that day so it really didn’t matter. But as I am mixing all three of these colors (Spicy Tomato, Brazen Hussy and Voodoo) my jaw dropped. Here was this AMAZING red color right in my hands. I admit it was red bliss! I poured it and waited patiently to pop it out of the soap mold. It felt like an eternity while I waited and it was for sure worth the wait. Right before my eyes was the red I was looking for!!! The next day I went to make a rainbow cold process soap. Again I did the 3 micas. This time around I had to wait a whole 24 hours to see how well it came out. The next morning I popped that soap out and did a dance of joy! I really did. It was like the Snoopy dance in my Bubble Lab and I couldn’t stop smiling. I have been asked several times how to make this red and now I share that with you all. I should first mention that Brazen Hussy is a neon pigment so it does take a little more patience to work with it.

For either process (CP or MP), I do this first step that I call "mincing the reds". I take a mini whisk and mince the colors together. I do this until the colors are combined and look like a deep brick red color with hints of Brazen Hussy speckled in. Then I add the liquid of my choice.
For melt & pour soap, there are 3 different ways.
1.  First you have my personal favorite using liquid glycerin. If you are making a pound of soap then you will want 1 tablespoon of glycerin and 1 teaspoon of each of the three colors (3 tsps total). Pour into a mini measuring cup. Mix this slowly with a spoon or baby whisk. Fold it over and around and making sure you get the sides of the cup. 
2.  The second technique is with rubbing alcohol. The same alcohol you use to spray on top of your melt and pour to remove bubbles. For this one I usually do 2 tablespoons of alcohol to my 1 teaspoon of each color. Alcohol does tend to evaporate a little and with it being thinner than glycerine I use more of it. While you mix this one there is no need to fold it like you do the glycerine. 
3.  The last technique I do in melt in pour is using the fragrance oil in your favor. If your using a clear fragrance oil then use that to mix your colors with. Please note if your using a darker colored fragrance oil than you might not get the red you desire.
For cold process there are 2 different ways. 
1.  The same technique I suggested with the melt and pour of using the fragrance oil is still an option. 
2.  My favorite is to use the oils that are already going to be in your soap batch. I take the 2 oz of High Oleic Safflower from my recipe and I add my minced reds and stir them together. I do this step first even before I mix my lye water. I feel it gives the oils a chance to really soak in. I've even been known to mix my reds the night before.


Well there you have it. The True Red tutorial. This is by far my favorite red. I have never had bleeding issues or ever been disappointed with this set. If you see that it isn't turning out the way you want, just keep playing with it. Just go back and practice and most of all be patient and I promise you that you will be happy. If you have any questions or need any help feel free to message me on Facebook or look for me on the Facebook group Mad Micas Buzz