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Arrowroot: The Forgotten Rhizome

What is it? Arrowroot powder is the highly nutritious starch derived from the root/rhizome of several tropical plants – depending on location sourced. It is a white, silky powder.  It is a cosmetic thickening agent. American Indians used arrowroot powder mixed with water to make a paste that was then applied to wounds caused by poisonous arrows.  Hence the name:  arrowroot It has moisture absorbing and softening properties. Often used in papermaking as a fine white additive. Also used in photography:  www.aboutbookbinding.com  Interested in photography, check out the read on paper making. Uses on the epidermis? Add to lotions as...

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What ingredients are in YOUR red mica?

We wrote an article today about a certain ingredient that might be in the mica you may have purchased from other mica suppliers.  Many red, pink, purple and brown mica contain carmine, which is a red pigment that originates from crushed female insects, specifically Dactylopius coccus.  Mad Oils wants to make sure that when you choose Mad Oils for any product we carry, you know exactly what you’re getting.  Mad Oils only carries 100% vegan products. Even fragrance oils contain animal content! (what?!?!)  We have been using suppliers that understand the importance of our choice and  have certified the products...

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Karyn Gets More At The Conference

Last week was the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild's (HSCG) Annual Conference. Joanna and I went with the intention of meeting some of our customers, perhaps making some new ones and generally promoting our company, Mad Oils. We talked with people, made connections, mission accomplished. Right? Well, half right. For me the conference went a little deeper. Soap makers are a unique group. We talked with everyone from suppliers to competitors to customers and I noticed one common theme. Community. And while Joanna may be well known in this community, I am not. In fact, I’ve never even made a...

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New Home For Mad Oils

We are proud to announce that we are moving into our new home in a couple of weeks and we are super excited about it we can't keep it under wraps anymore!  Thanks to all of you, we have grown clear out of our small office/work space and we are climbing over eachother.  We are thrilled that our customers have pushed us to offer more, to bring it on, and to have no fear.  You all are our strength.  Thank YOU. We found the perfect location at almost three times the size!  It is an air conditioned warehouse space and we and...

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You Asked For It ~ New Fragrances In The House Revealed

Upcoming Fragrances (to be released soon)    Orange Blossom:  delicate and pure.  The flower from the orange tree; big creamy, fleshy petals with hints of citrus.  This is not a heady fragrance, but sweet and gentle.      Vanilla Milk:  A simple creamy vanilla with a spoonful of sugar.    Black Raspberry Vanilla:  Juicy berries and vanilla cream.  A popular scent.  You asked for it!  Mayan Gold:  An exotic, woody-musk having top-notes of dried berries, black coconut, lemon, orange and a touch of lime, followed by middle-notes of jasmine, rose, neroli and star anise, and finishing with a warm, earthy patchouli, sandalwood, and...

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