Facebook Winners for September & October November 18 2014

We have been super wild and busy bringing you all sorts of new things and getting ready to get into our new space that we missed a couple of months where we didn't choose winners for the photo winners on Mad Oils' Facebook page.

That doesn't mean we don't have prizes and winners!  ;)


For September we chose Angelina Stewart with her "Glacier Cut" which we thought was cool looking and original. (below)



For October's photo, we chose Heather Horton McBride with her neat swirl - swirled with 3 Olive Martini, Matte Gold, and Hot Man on a Tin Roof! (below)



Congratulations to all the most excellent customers who posted on Facebook for a chance to win free products from Mad Oils!!  

These two lovely women will each receive 1 ounce of each:  Marzipan, Snow Witch, Baguette Me Not, and Downy April Fresh


The next photo challenge may have a theme, starting in January, so keep your ears perky.....  


Congratulations to Angelina and Heather!!  

You Asked For It ~ New Fragrances In The House Revealed September 27 2014

Upcoming Fragrances (to be released soon) 


Orange Blossom:  delicate and pure.  The flower from the orange tree; big creamy, fleshy petals with hints of citrus.  This is not a heady fragrance, but sweet and gentle.     

Vanilla Milk:  A simple creamy vanilla with a spoonful of sugar.   

Black Raspberry Vanilla:  Juicy berries and vanilla cream.  A popular scent.  You asked for it! 

Mayan GoldAn exotic, woody-musk having top-notes of dried berries, black coconut, lemon, orange and a touch of lime, followed by middle-notes of jasmine, rose, neroli and star anise, and finishing with a warm, earthy patchouli, sandalwood, and powdery Tonka bean and vanilla base-note. 

Peach Coconut Smoothie: Beyond realistic and just so awesome.  A phenomenal fragrance that smells so much like fresh, sweet coconut cream and ripened just-picked peaches. We've had a difficult time finding a real un-plastic smelling coconut.  This is it, but it is mixed with the pleasant sweetness of peaches.  Mmm.  You will love it. 


Exclusively Made Only for Mad Oils 


Sexy Beast    (just released):  Blend of intoxicating group of flowers: Orange Blossom, Mimosa, Ylang Ylang, Paperwhites, Baby Rose, Jasmine, and bottom notes of Vanilla Orchid. 

Pumpkin Bread (just released):  It's Pumpkin Bread.  No clove and cinnamon spices!  No teeth-aching sweet cream cheese frosting, or mixed with cheese cake & cappuccino swirl with a cherry on top.  It's sweet like that perfect moist pumpkin bread.  Simple, pure and yum. 

Velvet PeppercornCracked Black Pepper.  A perfect men's scent, but also a great blender to increase complexity in just about any fragrance! 

South Beach:  Tropical in every way.  A fruity, floral and super happy scent!  This is a blend of lily petals, ripened sweet cantaloupe, watermelon and a hint of the ocean spray.  Now close your eyes and your drinking that frozen tropical drink and looking at the ocean with the breeze tickling your toes.