Signature Confirmations On Orders April 24 2017

Our shipping rates are pulled directly from USPS and FedEx.

We just made a Signature Required fee mandatory and is included in the shipping costs within the U.S. ($5.00 for FedEx and only $2.45 for USPS packages).  Please understand that we are trying to eliminate the need to raise prices.  We have replaced multiple packages due to theft or mistaken address delivery over the years and dozens of orders just this month.  We just can not continue to replace these "missing" packages or we will be forced to raise our prices.  We don't want to do that.  This is why we chose to add it to all packages across the board, no matter how you have your order shipped.

The Signature Required fee will ensure that your package will be delivered to YOU, and not stolen or left at a wrong address at someone's front door. Packages being left on doorsteps, porches or in front of apartment dwellings will be a thing of the past and thieves will have to find other packages to steal.  Please remember that we include this fee now in our shipping prices to protect you so our prices remain what they are.  

We understand sometimes changes are inconvenient to some of you.  Perhaps if you work outside of the home and will be at work, please have it sent to your place of business.  If you know you are going away, make sure the post office knows to hold your mail.  If you can't receive your package at work, ask your neighbor if you can ship it to them.  There are choices and we hope you know our concerns are real and we don't want to inconvenience you.

Thank you for understanding.