Letter from Jo January 06 2017

Thank you for all your comments and concerns regarding our decision to modify our FO availability. We hear you.

I owned a small soap business for many years.  It was an art that I learned and loved with all my heart.  Yes, it was a financial struggle for most of those years, but I persevered. I DO know what it’s like to be a small time soap maker.  I get the struggles, the blood sweat and tears intimately.

Therefore, when Mad Oils began, we geared our products exclusively to the small businesses and hobbyists… always considering “user friendly” and ease of use for every product we offered.  That’s why we only offer jars and not bags.  Yes, bags are cheap and it is always the popular choice because of economics. But, we know that is sucks to get mica out of a bag.  Messy, wasteful, frustrating.

However, as with many small businesses we have to make hard choices to ensure we keep the doors open. One of those choices was to reduce our labor costs as it relates to fulfilling small FO orders on a daily basis.

Knowing the 25 drums are hard to purchase for the smaller businesses, we took this to heart and decided that creating the MOFO Frenzy would give smaller businesses a chance to maintain their lines unscathed.  Based on your comments we now understand that offering 16 oz was perhaps not enough.

We have decided that 4 oz sizes should be included.  We sadly cannot offer this year round anymore, but hope that the 4 oz and 16 oz offerings 3 times a year will give you what you need during those times.

The schedule for MOFO Frenzy events this year will look like this (we’ve added one sooner to accommodate your needs):

February 15, 16, and 17 will be days you can purchase 4 oz and 16 oz of the FOs we carry now, as many as you want. Once the 3 days are up, we will calculate orders and purchase the FOs from the manufacturer.  Once in-house, they will be bottled and shipped to you.

Then on April 1, 2 and 3 we will do another MOFO Frenzy and then another one on September 8th, 9th and 10th.

We understand that this news is difficult for some of you. But we hope you, as business owners, understand we have to do this. Please support us in this decision.  It was not an easy one, but we could not be more excited about the future and the path that we are on.

Karyn and I have come a long way with you. Both being single parents with children with special needs, we do our best to stay positive, be the best that we can be and persevere. We aren’t going anywhere. We dedicate this company to you and all the makers out there.