Frosty Blue Sea Salt Bar Soap November 01 2017

We made these salt soap bars yesterday and we are very happy with how they came out. We wanted the tops to look frosty and cold, which is exactly how we think they came out! 

We used Aphrodite Blue Mica and it was perfect! 

The scent we used to match the look was Snow Witch, which is a wintry scent and is described like this: 

We found ourselves in the snow, feeling and hearing the mounds of snow crunching under our boots.  We could smell the sticky pine sap as we passed the pine forest covered in a carpet of rust-colored pine needles.  We smelled freshly lit fireplaces from neighboring villages and the cranberries and spices that were simmering on someone's stove.  And best of all, the fresh mistletoe bunches that people were cutting and hanging in their humble homes.  Ahhhhh.... We breathed it in.  This Snow Witch is something of a phenomenon.  In fact, you don't need to celebrate a Winter Holiday to FEEL a holiday.  This will create magic in any creation you put together.  Glenda, The Good Witch, had NUTHIN' on this witch! 

If you are interested in using the recipe or listening to Joanna tell her sea salt soap story, feel free to read on her blog here:

Snow Witch Fragrance Oil now available at Arizona Soap Supply.