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Happy Birthday to Us!

Posted by Karyn Baumgartner on

It's hard to believe it's only been one year since we held our breath, pushed the button and went live with Mad Oils.  So much has happened since then. We had to move into a space three times the size of where we started. We added two more full-time employees as well as some part-timers. It seems crazy how fast we've grown and continue to grow. 

As with any new business, we've made some mistakes and we've done some things right. But most of all, we've learned a lot... about business, about ourselves and about each other.  It seems we've grown right along with Mad Oils. We've been fortunate to have had more ups than downs, but we take none of it for granted. We are grateful for this ride and for each other.  Syd says you have to laugh every day and we take that sentiment to heart.  Around here, a sense of humor is our best friend. And, just to err on the side of safety, we laugh a lot! 

So, happy birthday to us!  And, as we blow out the candles on our first year, we wish for many more crazy fun years to come.  We promise that we will continue to be the best in the business at customer service.  We will continue to bring you our high standards and quality products.  We will continue to put you first, since we know that without YOU there is no US!  Thanks for a great first year!