Facebook Challenge Winners! September 05 2014

Every month, we choose a photo of a finished product that one of our customers created with something from Mad Oils.  This month we also decided to have a Crazy Mica Challenge, to see what kind of madness we could stir up - - - getting the creative juices flowing, if nothing else.  In fact, we were hoping to get you all to think outside the box and really work up some magic, getting yourselves ready for a little witchy magic Halloween, perhaps?

So, for the month of August, it was hard, but we chose Kelly A.Osbourne!  This is her photo, using Mad Oils Titanium Dioxide, Orange Crush, 3 Olive Martini, Enchanted Forest, Bazooka Jo, Peacock, You're Turning Violet, Violet!




And for the Crazy Mica Challenge, it was super difficult because it was all so beautiful!!  But, we had to choose.  Kenna Cote did a very unique Rainbow Petal Soap, which we'd never seen before. and she pulled it off beautifully.


Rainbow Petal Soap with Bazooka Jo, Tangerine Dream, Bright Yellow Raincoat, The Maniacal Pea, Key West Blue & Grape Nehi, scented with Cotton Candy.


Both lovely soap makers will receive one ounce of each of these micas:

  • You're Turning Violet, Violet!
  • Lounge Lizard
  • Sister Golden Hair Surprise 

Congratulations to both of you and thanks to everyone for participating.   Kelly and Kenna:  Please contact me so I know the best place to send your micas!! 

 Who knows?  You might win, too...You may be picked next!